Psychology research paper topics
August 4, 2020

70 Psychology Research Paper Topics

Choosing the Right Psychology Research Topic 

When writing a psychology research paper, you can choose the empirical approach, or choose to review existing literature on a topic. Empirical papers require you to use experiments and are accompanied by provable facts. Therefore, choosing a research topic is critical before writing any psychology paper. It sets the foundation for the kind of paper that you are intending to write. You want to avoid having a complex topic that requires analysis of large volumes of information or data. You should be specific about your research topic. 

Categories of Psychology Research Topics 

Here is a list of psychology research topics which are divided into categories and that you can use when writing your paper. 

Developmental Psychology Research Topics 

  1. The effect of bullying on mind development 
  2. Do gender roles influence stereotypes in society? 
  3. How does abuse affect children’s development?
  4. Are students who listen to music achieve better scores compared to those that do not? 
  5. Do students who engage in extracurricular activities perform better or worse in exams? 
  6. How does domestic abuse affect brain development in the victims? 
  7. Do individuals with a high self-efficacy imply better memory compared to those with low self-efficacy?
  8. The role of violent video games on juvenile delinquency
  9. How does aging influence the development of behavior? 
  10. What psychological factors are related to the process of aging?

Social Psychology Research Topics 

  1. How does peer influence the behavior of teenagers? 
  2. What are the social effects of bullying on both the bully and the victim? 
  3. Does exposure to technology affect student integrity in the classroom? 
  4. How do social roles define gender relations in the community? 
  5. How does racism influence social relationships? 
  6. What are the causes of gender discrimination in society? 
  7. How does family social stability influence the growth of children? 
  8. How do parenting styles influence the relationship between teenagers and their caregivers? 
  9. What factors lead to the development of social anxiety and depression among teenagers? 
  10. What factors promote bullying among students? 

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics 

  1. How does memory affect behavior? 
  2. How does the subconscious affect an individual’s decision-making capacity?
  3. How can problem-solving skills be improved in children? 
  4. How do learning disorders affect cognitive development in children? 
  5. What are the different ways of promoting children’s cognitive abilities?
  6. How can creative thinking be harnessed to promote problem-solving skills among employees?
  7. What are the various interventions toward the effects of learning disorders? 
  8. What is confirmation bias and how can it affect the formation of beliefs? 
  9. How does the expectancy effect influence self-awareness?
  10. The effect of moral reasoning on cognitive development. 

Forensic Psychology Research Topics 

  1. What factors have led to the growth of home-grown terrorists? 
  2. What are the effects of mass murders on society? 
  3. The role of peer influence in juvenile delinquency. 
  4. Does suicidal ideation occur most in inmates compared to the outside population? 
  5. What measures should a forensic professional consider when assessing for a juvenile competency to stand trial? 
  6. How can courts address the issue of insanity when considering the admissibility of evidence by a witness? 
  7. Measures toward preventing the risk of suicide among inmates. 
  8. What is the role of a forensic professional in child custody hearings? 
  9. How does domestic violence affect men? 
  10. How does the prison environment influence the behavior of inmates? 

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics 

  1. Factors leading to anorexia in teenagers. 
  2. Exploring the development of eating disorders among women.
  3. What factors increase the rate of suicide among young adults? 
  4. Relationship between psychology and suicidal ideation. 
  5. The influence of personality attributes on behavior. 
  6. How can individuals deal with phobias?
  7. What are the coping mechanisms for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
  8. The relationship between mood disorders and violent video games. 
  9. How to manage anxiety and depression among veterans. 
  10. Is lying a psychological disorder? 

Clinical Psychology Research topics 

  1. What are the barriers to mental health services? 
  2. Understanding the side effects of antidepressants. 
  3. What factors lead to PTSD? 
  4. How do child-rearing practices lead to mental health issues? 
  5. Does family instability lead to mental health disorders? 
  6. What therapy practices reduce the effects of depression? 
  7. Ways of treating insomnia. 
  8. The effect of abuse on the psychological wellbeing of the victims. 
  9. The psychological effect of bullying on the bully. 
  10. Methods of managing and preventing suicidal ideation. 

Organizational Psychology Research Topics 

  1. How can workplace stress be managed? 
  2. Ways of achieving work-life balance among employees. 
  3. The effect of workplace relationships on employee motivation. 
  4. How does globalization affect workplaces?
  5. Does access to technology (social networking sites, etc) lead to high or low performance among workers? 
  6. How does workplace privacy affect the employer-employee relationship?
  7. Effect of leadership styles of followership behavior. 
  8. How do rewards and gifts influence worker motivation and satisfaction? 
  9. Does employee job autonomy lead to the deterioration or an increase in employee performance? 
  10. Impact of management styles on employee behavior and attitude. 

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