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August 4, 2020

70 History Research Paper Topics

Choosing a History Research Paper Topic 

With endless events to choose from, a good history research paper topic should be relevant, and with a clear statement. Your idea is to be as precise as possible when focusing on a particular issue. Brainstorm on ideas to avoid being vague. You should invest in prior literature to identify facts with sources for support. If events are mentioned, make sure to mention them in terms of chronology. Finally, have a thesis statement, outline, and structure of the idea you have chosen to explore. 

Categories and Examples of History Research Paper Topics 

World History Research Paper Topics 

  1. What were the major causes of the Mexican-American war? 
  2. How were weapons manufactured in ancient civilizations?
  3. How did the Apartheid policy affect social relations in South Africa? 
  4. What events led to the colonization of South America? 
  5. What was the significance of bridal ceremonies in Ancient Rome? 
  6. How did the Roman empire expand its territory? 
  7. What was the role of religion and crusades in leadership? 
  8. What led to the emergence of World War I? 
  9. How did Mahatma Gandhi contribute to world peace? 
  10. What prompted the formation of the United Nations?

Modern History Research Paper Topics 

  1. What is the cause of conflict between America and Russia? 
  2. Was Russia’s annexation of Crimea justified? 
  3. How did the Afghanistan war change America’s approach to foreign policy? 
  4. Did the killing of Osama Bin Laden lead to a reduction in terrorism? 
  5. How does the U.S. – China relations affect global stability? 
  6. What caused the Great Recession? 
  7. Exploring the reasons that led to the Syrian conflict. 
  8. How has the role of NATO evolved for the world community?
  9. Was America’s involvement in Afghanistan justified? 
  10.  The effects of the September 11 attacks on America’s national security. 

U.S. History Research Paper Topics 

  1. What were the tactics and accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s?
  2. What was the impact of the March on Washington of 1963 on freedom and equality?
  3. What prompted America’s participation in the Vietnam war?
  4. How did Truman’s containment policy gets implemented?
  5. How did the Battle of the Alamo affect America’s relation with Mexico?
  6. Did the attack on Pearl Harbor push America to enter World War II? 
  7. What were the causes and effects of the Harlem Renaissance?
  8. How did the Civil War change America’s race relations? 
  9. The effect of the Gold Rush on California’s development. 
  10. What was the role of women in colonial America?

European History Research Paper Topics 

  1. How did the Islamic empire expand in Europe?
  2. How did the Age of Reason influence political leadership among European countries? 
  3. What were the effects of Christopher Columbus’s discoveries?
  4. How did the Napoleonic Wars define territoriality in Europe? 
  5. Factors that led to the emergence of Nazi Germany. 
  6. The effects of concentration camps on refugees in Europe. 
  7. Exploring the rise of empiricism in Europe 
  8. The prevalence of gender bias in England during the 17th century. 
  9. What were the causes of the French Revolution? 
  10. How did the Nuremberg trials define international law?

Art History Research Paper Topics 

  1. What do Frida Kahlo’s paintings symbolize? 
  2. How did the Harlem Renaissance influence the participation of African Americans in social development? 
  3. What motivated Thomas Nast’s political cartoons? 
  4. How did Baroque architecture define Italy’s culture? 
  5. The influence of classical art on modern fashion. 
  6. What led to the emergence of lithography in the 19th century? 
  7. The role of medieval churches in society. 
  8. Events surrounding the construction of the Great Wall of China. 
  9. How did Hinduism impact early Indian art?
  10. The symbolic meaning of the great pyramids in Egypt. 

African American History Research Paper Topics 

  1. Did African Americans suffer discrimination in the Union Amy during the Civil War?
  2. How did the Harlem Renaissance influence the social standing of African Americans in America? 
  3. How did the Underground Railroad impact slavery in the South?  
  4. The impact of Martin Luther King Jr. on the plight of African Americans. 
  5. What was the role of African American women in art and literature during the 19th century? 
  6. What factors led to the abolitionist movement? 
  7. How did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 impact race relations for African Americans?
  8. The fight for racial equality in African American history. 
  9. The impact of the Montgomery bus boycott on race relations in America. 
  10. How did Malcolm X influence the Civil Rights Movement? 

20th Century History Research Paper Topics 

  1. What are the factors that promoted dictatorship in some countries during the 20th century? 
  2. What are the causes and effects of the nuclear age? 
  3. What were the causes and outcomes of economic depression? 
  4. How did the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events shape global relations? 
  5. What was America’s role in World War II? 
  6. What led to the uprising of democratic movements? 
  7. How did organized crime emerge in America in the 1920s? 
  8. The effect of the Mafia mobs on society in America. 
  9. What factors led to the stock market crash in 1929? 
  10. What were the causes and effects of the Springfield Race Riot of 1908?

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