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August 4, 2020

70 Argumentative Research Topics

How to Choose an Argumentative Research Topic 

Students are always wondering about ways to identify sophisticated argumentative research topics. While writing an argumentative essay is a key requirement for graduation across different levels of study, choosing the right topic is critical. To avoid being overly stretched with voluminous detail about a novel topic, you should try choosing a topic that is within your area of interest. However, when researching a different point of view, you should ensure you have a clear approach. 

Argumentative research papers can be categorized into three models:

  • Classical

This type of argument involves a thesis, body, and conclusion. 

  • Rogerian

A Rogerian essay explores both sides of an issue and argues that either point of view can stand. 

  • Toulmin

In this type of argumentative essay, you are required to choose a side regarding a polemical topic. Counter arguments are used to strengthen your point of view. 

Classical Argumentative Research Topics 

  1. Does fashion influence the behavior of individuals?
  2. Are gender roles responsible for domestic abuse? 
  3. Do children from single-parent households are likely to have attachment issues. 
  4. Does exposure to technology at the workplace lead to deterioration of performance?
  5. Are men more likely to engage in drug abuse than women? 
  6. Are inmates from wealthy backgrounds more likely to develop suicidal ideation?
  7. Does religion cause war? 
  8. Are working mothers eligible for special treatment? 
  9. Does improving compensation and benefits for employees promote work-life balance?
  10. Will strict penalties lead to a reduced rate of texting while driving?
  11. Do students who listen to music while studying perform better? 
  12. Does limiting screen time among children promote social-relational skills? 
  13. Does legalizing abortion lead to increased violations of human life? 
  14. Do media outlets violate the privacy of individuals? 
  15. Are beauty pageants responsible for violating moral values in society? 
  16. Should individuals with disabilities receive lesser punishment for cheating? 
  17. Is it moral to kill a felon convicted of mass murder? 
  18. Do emotional states depend on past memories? 
  19. Does the mid-life crisis exist? 
  20. Is music the best medicine for stress? 
  21. Should legal prostitution be considered an issue for women’s rights? 
  22. Should animals not be used for sports? 
  23. Do we still need paper books even in the era of the internet? 
  24. Can individuals live without smartphones? 

Rogerian Argumentative Research Topics 

  1. Should students with special needs be taught separately?
  2. Is education in the U.S. weaker compared to other developed countries? 
  3. Should colleges and universities be solely for academic purposes? 
  4. Is a teacher-centered better than a student-centered approach?
  5. Should employees be allowed to bring their own devices at work? 
  6. Do robots lead to a minimal rate of error at the workplace? 
  7. Should animals be used for entertainment or should the practice be prohibited? 
  8. Should individuals who abandon their pets in shelters suffer punishment? 
  9. Is keeping animals in the zoo unethical? 
  10.  Should endangered animal species be kept in isolation? 
  11. Should the healthcare system become privatized? 
  12. Can knowledge from unethical experiments be used in medicine? 
  13. Should lying be allowed when it leads to positive outcomes? 
  14. Should religion be used to support women’s rights and freedoms? 
  15. Should homosexuality be categorized as the norm? 
  16. Is it ethical to abolish fast-food restaurants? 
  17. Are genetically modified foods healthy? 
  18. Is money the only way to manage exchange relations in business? 
  19. Should men be allowed paternity leave as women? 
  20. Is it ethical to use animals for research? 
  21. Are human beings too dependent on computers? 
  22. Do contraceptives help prevent teen pregnancies? 
  23. Should companies be allowed to market to children?

Toulmin Argumentative Research Topics 

  1. Are violent video games responsible for behavioral issues? 
  2. Alcohol drinking age should be increased. 
  3. Recycling should be mandatory in the community. 
  4. CEOs should not be paid too much.
  5. Helping the poor should be a mandatory activity in society. 
  6. Religion is a major cause of war. 
  7. Prisoners should be allowed to vote. 
  8. Healthcare should be entrusted to private organizations. 
  9. Euthanasia or Mercy killing should not be prohibited in hospitals. 
  10. Idle teens are likely to be involved in deviant behavior. 
  11. Peer pressure among teens leads to drug and substance abuse. 
  12. Rich people should be required to pay more taxes. 
  13. Cigarette smoking should be banned. 
  14. Media is an instrument of promoting body dissatisfaction. 
  15. Social media use leads to reduced social interaction. 
  16. Children above 16 years should be considered as adults. 
  17. Interracial and cross-cultural marriages reduce discrimination and prejudice. 
  18. Capitalism should be banned. 
  19. Climate change has led to more harm than good. 
  20. Same-sex marriages should be allowed in society. 
  21. Gun control is not effective in controlling crime. 
  22. Technology is turning people into technological zombies. 
  23. Contemporary societies are extremely reliant on technology. 


Argumentative research topics should have a particular direction. Based on the three types, classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin, a student should understand what approach to take when dealing with each type. You should select a topic, brainstorm, draft, and then revise to ensure that it fits a particular argumentative approach. 

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